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Most Marketing Agencies Have It WRONG!

They focus on “cute” designs, videos, page views, and Facebook likes. Or, they want you to pay them a large sum of money to manage Google Ads or Facebook Ads, and you then have to pay for the ads too. These methods to work will cost you $2,000 to $10,000 per month.

These agencies should be focused on creating quality, converting offers on your website or landing page. At the same time, they should be focused on getting your website offers ranked and showing on multiple Google first page search results. Google is where people are actually searching for products or services like yours. The are not looking for your offers on Facebook or other social media sites.

Unfortunately, most web design shops and digital marketing agencies are run by design oriented hipsters on their colored Mac’s. Their only goal is winning advertising awards with their cutesy designs in fruitless campaigns.

Other agencies are run by well-meaning experts, and want-to-be experts, who sell very expensive services like SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, whole website designs, etc.

But you want your products to sell and your services to ring the phone. You want ready-to-act buyers with their wallets open.

You can dominate the first page of Google and have Google send your website loads of prospects to your best offers. It’s time to have qualified buyers flood your business, and consistently grow profitable results.

We’ve managed lots of client digital marketing campaigns and ad spend over the years. We were one of those nerdy agencies. We now offer our clients an exclusive, more affordable, and simpler way forward. You won’t believe what we can do to get your business front and center to double or triple your sales.

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