Local clients need this badly

Utilizing “The Big Influencer” campaigns, Bright House Publishing can now get your content published on among the highest traffic, best known, most respected sites online.

  • Yahoo
  • Market Watch
  • One of: AP.com, MorningStar, or others…

…and actually a few more hundred more.

Combined, they generate over 400,000,000+ visitors and Google LOVES these sites so much, your brand and offers get ‘extra credit’ in terms of search engine rankings.

So when your content is published on these sites, using our unique and powerful strategies, you can expect front page and even #1 ranking.

And our campaigns also deliver massive TRUST with the audience, when they see your brand and offers have been published on these very influential and trusted sites

This works extremely well for local businesses to one-up the competition.

Ask Bright House Publishing to understand how it all works.