Author: Terry

Did you know right now there are people who are looking for your company’s product or service? After reading that, you’ll likely ask yourself, “Well, why haven’t they contacted me?”

It’s quite simple, they cannot find you!

No matter how hard they try, your business is nowhere to be found… Is this your fault? NO!

Deciding how to grow a business today has become so complicated that many business owners simply disregard and ignore the thought altogether. 

This isn’t good, it’s terrible. Not just for an owner and their business, but the employees too. If we ignore focusing on a growth strategy, a business will not survive. 

Here’s a popular quote that sums this up:

“When you stop growing you start dying.”

by William S. Burroughs

It’s not all bad news — I think we can help.

Bright House Publishing has invested in content publishing and distribution technology, based on decades of experience to create a solution for lost business owners like yourself. 

We’ve employed a proven method of content publishing and automated the distribution process. Whereas, you the business owner have only 3 things to do in order to grow your business. And we do most of the legwork.

✓ Submit ✓ Review ✓ Publish

Yeah, that’s it. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Contact us to learn how Bright House Publishing can help put your company’s growth on autopilot utilizing our proven online publishing network. Become famous almost overnight all over the internet utilizing our “Big Influencers” campaigns.

We have now added the following sites to our Big Influencer premium content publishing and distribution campaigns:

  • NewsMax – 8 figure traffic news site
  • StreetInsider – 7 figure traffic news site
  • Apple News feed
  • – 8 figure traffic news site

And more sites coming soon!

This is on top of the normal Big Influencer sites like Yahoo Finance (guaranteed) and the other 8 figure traffic sites like Associated Press, MarketWatch, Google News, Nasdaq and MorningStar. Not to forget the hundreds of other sites we publish to so you can be seen across the internet and get recognized by Google for top placement in search results.

In total you now get 5x 8 figure traffic site placements. Combined they haver up to 500,000,000 visitors per month.

These influencer campaigns bring huge benefits for your business in terms of visibility, credibility, and traffic to your sites.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Access to “The Big Influencer” sites, so you can get published on at least 5 of the 8 sites for a massive boost; Yahoo, Market Watch & even APNews, or other high profile brands.…
  • Our unique targeting strategy to getting even more powerful campaigns running…
  • Our News-jacking Strategy – So you can leverage these big brands to ride big news stories…

Another benefit is that when your content is seen in these Big Influencer sites, other sites curate your content from these sites spreading your branded content to even more sites across the internet. A compounding effect.

Don’t waste this opportunity – Get Your Brand and Offers a Massive Boost – Contact Us Today.

In the world of SEO, it’s a known fact that Google gives preferential treatment to certain sites.

That’s why Bright House Publishing has been promoting our Big Influencer campaigns.  These large sites are well respected, have tons of traffic, and get you ‘extra points’ with Google when it comes to rankings.

With over 400,000,000 monthly visitors to Yahoo, Market Watch, (and others), imagine the MASSIVE impact that would have on your business or that of your own clients?

How You Can Benefit From These Influencer Sites In 2 Ways

With this much traffic, rankings, and expert status power…you can use it to publish your own products and services and boost your own brand.

This includes local businesses, professional services, contractors, ecom, affiliates, authors, and many more.

By having that level of exposure…you can get your products and services in front of millions of potential customers.

Also by using our unique and powerful keyword method, you can expect front page and even #1 ranking faster than traditional SEO means (but we don’t recommend you giving up on SEO).

The other way (which we HIGHLY encourage) is offering these premium placements to local businesses for a premium price.

Do you want the power of 400,000,000 visitors influencing your success? Let’s discover how!

The best way to get attention is by having major TRUST in your market.

When you associate your websites with websites that are TRUSTWORTHY…the results can be quite amazing.

That’s why you need to get access to the biggest influential online brands today.  These well branded sites receive hundreds of millions of visitors that can help you establish trust with any of your sites or offers.

The main 4 benefits are:

  1.     Reputation
  2.     Top Search Engine Rankings
  3.     Comparison Campaigns
  4.     Premium Google News Placement

Our unrivaled publishing campaigns build trust and you can see results in just 36 hours.

Do you want to own the new currency online – ATTENTION and TRUST?

Start by working with Bright House to publish contents across hundreds of online sites including our premium Big Influencers with hundreds of millions of visitors.